How did you bring it up?  

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Often times this fantasy lives in the mind of the husband for a while before he works up the balls or figures out the right way to bring it up lol

Would like to hear how you brought this up to your wife/gf and how she responded to it...

Posted : 17/05/2019 7:44 pm
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I first heard about hotwifing on the radio. A lady had called in to tell her story and the host was mind blown. I was too. I couldn't imagine being ok with such an arrangement but I decided to look further into it out of curiosity. I confirmed it didn't interest me but swinging did. I found a lot of good info on the old HWL and swingers board which led to articles I read and then shared my findings with my wife. At first she was disturbed by the thought that someone who loved their SO would be willing to share but eventually it caught her interest and we started role playing scenarios during sex... It didn't happen over night but we eventually went to our first swinger party and had a blast. After a few successful swinging experiences I found it easier to coordinate with a single person than a couple and I came around to the idea of single guys. We delved into a liteish version of hotwifing and it has been great too. We aren't as active as we'd like to be cause of schedules and kids… Read more

Posted : 17/05/2019 11:43 pm
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