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I will go first in this forum, who has or would like to or thinks about a situation like this...  

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Me, you, your husband. I make you place your husband in a chair at the foot of the bed.  You handcuff his hands behind his back.  You place his cock in a chastity cage and hand me the key. You hand me the key, slide it on a chain and place it around your neck.  I then move you to the bed and I make him watch as I take you every which way I can.  I put you on your hands and knees staring him in the eyes, as I fuck you from behind and ask you, “who owns your pussy?”  You lock your eyes with your husband and say, “you do, you own my pussy.”  Because I am generous, I take a break and allow you to straddle him on the chair and remove his cage and stroke his cock while kissing him, the taste of my cock still in your mouth.  I would command you to slide onto his cock and fuck him.  I would approach you, grab you by the hair and pull your head back and kiss you as you fuck him.  As you fuck him harder, I tell you to make him cum and I kiss you hard as he releases in you.  “Get back on the bed,” I command as you slide off him, lay on your back and open your legs for me.  As I slide inside your pussy, again I make you state, “you own my pussy.”  As I fuck your hot, messy, cum filled pussy I tell you to beg for my cum.  Beg for it, like a little slut.  “Please, please cum in my pussy” you scream, staring at your husband as I blow my load deep inside you.  After we rest, I dress, place the key on the nightstand and leave you two to whatever else you might indulge. 

Never done it, but I’d love to. 


Posted : 03/05/2020 11:33 am
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My hubby worked as a correctional officer for a decade. He’d never let somebody put him in handcuffs. Even if did let me put him in the hand cuffs, unless they are his high security ones from work, he won’t stay in them. I have seen him escape more than that kind of scenario doesn’t even register for me. lel

Posted : 25/05/2020 11:09 pm